Still running

Still running is a thing you could say about me. On April 24 I’ve run another half-marathon three weeks after Berlin, this time went back to Nymburk, where I’d run my first half-marathon race one year ago.

And it was my best race so far. The weather was almost perfect, I’ve had support from amazing KozenkaBuclata (she really can cheer),  some things on my mind I had to run away from. And so I did. Already after first 4k I thought I was running to fast and that I wouldn’t be able to keep the pace. I hit the 10k after about a 50 minutes, something that doesn’t happen that often during training (if ever :-)).

Fortunately for me I did. Well, almost – the crisis came at about 20,20k into the race where I could see the finish line and hear the race commentary. I had to slow down a bit.

Nevertheless I’ve finished with my new personal best – 1:46:16.21. That is more than 8 minutes improvement compared to Berlin! And 15 minutes when comparing to previous year’s results from Nymburk.

I am already looking forward to next race. I still do not know which one will be the next. I am certainly running in October in Hradec Králové, but there is a lot of going on around Europe in the meantime. I am not going to count J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge as it is only 5,6 km long and actually not possible to run properly among the tens of thousands of people running it here in Frankfurt.

One more thing, photos  – photo1photo2.

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