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Building a desk

For months (ever since moving to my apartment in Frankfurt) I didn’t have a proper writing/computer desk. And the reason is simple – I do not like almost any desks available at the market because of various reasons, that usually come down to a lot of design and/or material compromises, and if I find some, that is usable, the price reaches the sky.

Therefore the decision to build a desk of my own.

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Berliner Halbmarathon 2016

Well, I decided why not to. They say you can do whatever you want to.


So Sunday, April 3, 2016 was the date. 32,753 people have registered to run the sightseeing track the organizers have prepared for us (not all of those have actually participated as Berliner Morgenpost reported on Monday, April 4, 2016).

events-halbmarathon-assets-img-hm-16-streckenplanMostly flat (as far as I can remember the only part when we actually went up was when crossing a river over a bridge).

Well, as I am dealing with some other things at the moment, I’ve improved my personal best (previously set in Hradec Králové in October) to 1:54:29 and I’ve finished as 7039th.

Upgrade to Windows 10

Yes, I upgraded my Win 8.1 already. I actually didn’t expect I would qualify for the upgrade on July 29. It seems like being in Insider helps, even though I used Preview version in VM only.

I have summed my experience into couple of points below. It may be a long read for some, so TL;DR – my experience from upgrade is positive, Win 10 runs great and yes, I would recommend to upgrade.

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Joylent a.k.a Food 2.0

It must be about two years since I heard of Soylent for the first time. I’ve been following the development of this “food 2.0”, as it is sometimes called, ever since in articles on sites like Ars Technica. Thanks to open-source recipe and DIY nature of it many derivates were created. There is also one called “Mana” being produced in Czech Republic.

Finally I have decided to try the Dutch variant called Joylent. Why Joylent?

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Game of Thrones Exhibition & Berlin

Yes, I know, I’d visited the exhibition last year so what sense is there to see it again? And to drive across the Germany to see it? Or more precisely why would you drive to Berlin when you hadn’t been able to get the ticket for exhibition?

Yes, I was not successfull to “buy” the ticket (they were free) the official way and I refused to pay € 40 + on Ebay for those. Nevertheless, after couple of days of thinking it over I decided to go to Berlin and to spend some time reading or wandering around the exhibition grounds while the others visit the exhibition.

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