Joylent a.k.a Food 2.0

It must be about two years since I heard of Soylent for the first time. I’ve been following the development of this “food 2.0”, as it is sometimes called, ever since in articles on sites like Ars Technica. Thanks to open-source recipe and DIY nature of it many derivates were created. There is also one called “Mana” being produced in Czech Republic.

Finally I have decided to try the Dutch variant called Joylent. Why Joylent?

Well, from various reasons:

  • Soylent does not deliver to Europe (not yet, at the very least),
  • Joylent’s site is full of jokes etc. (not all may like it, I do),
  • not all other project look professional enough for me (Mana look a bit more professional, almost like Soylent, actually) – website, terms and all of this,
  • no hassle with oil bottles,
  • it is cheaper than both Soylent and Mana (€ 150 for 90 meals in case of Joylent compared to € 186,12 for 84 meals of Mana),
  • free shipping to Germany (yes, I could have Mana delivered to Czech Republic and pick it up when I am there, but it is just more convenient this was).

Joylent also comes in four different flavours – (banana, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla) while more are on its way (based on results of ongoing vote). Vegan version is available as well (this is getting more common among the more serious producers) and there is also a “sport” version with more carbohydrates and protein.

What I like is that you can order a bunch of single flavour or a mixed pack with all flavours. This is the way I went with my first order.

There is nothing special about ordering process, the only thing you have to take into account is some time before the order will be dispatched. It might almost seem there is a rule for customers to wait for the order to be processed – there is usually a backlog (with all producers). Some producers have different backlogs, or processing speeds, for orders from first-time and recurring users.

I have expected to wait for delivery a bit longer than it actually took (I have based my assumptions on the information posted on the website), so it seems like the facilities are fully operational.

I have started eating Joylent today. Let’s see how it goes…

2 thoughts on “Joylent a.k.a Food 2.0”

  1. When they were launching Soylent in US, my friends living out there were very excited for it, but when I think back, I am not sure I ever heard them give any feedback after longer period of time.

    How is it going so far after 1 month? I am curious!

    1. Damn, the post got somehow published on May 1, instead of correct dare June 1. I am just beginning with it and I promise I will post updates.

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