It is evening on Friday, 26 September 2014 and I am packing, or at least trying to pack, all the stuff I may need in Germany in couple of weeks to come, before I get a chance to get home again. Or I am trying at the very least.

Tomorrow is the day I am moving to Frankfurt to start a new job and who knows what else.

I haveĀ  packed, hopefully, everything I will need there. Most unfortunately my tripod has to stay for the moment as I do not know is my room going to look like and how much space I am going to have there.

I have already made a list of what I need to do during the couple of days before I start a new job – Anmeldung (registration and the city office, which is the essential thing as one can not do anything without it), Steuernummer (lifetime tax ID) and bank account. I hope it going to go smoothly.

Or that it will get better than the packing as it seems that I have stepped on a glass cullet.

Well, let’s call it a day. To be continued…

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