So I am living on my own at last. I have managed to find a suitable apartment and rent it. And all of that was quite an adventure.

The search itselt was something I have spent hours on. Not there are no apartments for rent here in Frankfurt, but becuase the city is the heart of German finance, they are expensive (Frankfurt itself is said to be one of the most expensive cities in Germany regarding the price of housing).

After submitting everything the company that own’s the building required I had to wait for result. The result was positive for me but it arrived when I was already back in Czech Republic for Christmas holiday.  Of course the documents like the contract etc. arrived by post in the Christmas week. What was my surprise when I found out that I was supposed to return the signed copies of the documents within a week after they were sent (that means by 30 December or something). There was a moment I had really been worried I have lost the apartment and that I would need to start searching again.

Well, the apartment was not taken yet, most fortunately. So I have signed the contract on 7 January, received the keys on 15 January and hypothetically could move on 16 January (holiday in France, remember).

So the proper move started last Monday. It was still a bit complicated by the fact I attend evening German language course twice a week after which I am in a mood for anything but moving my stuff across town.

To complicate it bit further I had to work on Thursday eveving after 6 p.m. and eventually on Friday evening as well – and Friday was a day I wanted to leave sooner to move something before I going to Czech Republic. Well, I managed to move precisely one suitcase and one bag on Friday and only because I took a leave.

I had to move the rest I have here after coming back from Czech Republic, which means to… yesterday, actually. I wouln’t have said how many things I have here and how much space they take when one wants to move them. Somehow all the stuff I had to move squeezed in my car so I had to go here only once today (and I even didn’t get stung by my cactus… much). (I got the cactus as a birthday flower :-)).

Now I see why it is said that it is better to burn down than to move.

So now I live in my own (sort of) again after couple of years.  Yet as I see it here it is going to take a lot of work to tidy up and make it comfortable.


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