That is my official time at the finish of my first ever half marathon race today.

It still seems unbelievable that I have only decided to run half marathon race during Christmas. And that I finished it in that time, considering I was not particularly strict about the training routine, some illnesses and stuff…

The conditions for the race were just perfect today. Overcast, temperatures about 17°C. It was raining during the first half of the race, true, but one cannot have everything. And it was not that bad actually. And we got a bit of sunshine about 1,5 hours into the race.

I am very happy about my result. It was my goal to finish the race in about two hours, which is very much what I achieved. I might have finished the race sooner (in about 1:56-1:57) if I had kept my pace from the first 10k, but that was not to be – my knee started to hurt, I can say from obvious reasons, so I had to slow down.

Nevertheless, I like my results and I hope it will get better next time (I’ll be running on October 10, 2015 in Hradec Králové again).

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