End of the year in Czech Republic

So, the Christmas and 2015 are coming closer and I finally know when I am going to go to Czech Republic to spend the last weeks of 2014.

So, I going to leave FFM on Sunday 14, 2014, at the latest and I will come back on Saturday 3 or Sunday 4, 2015, I am not yet sure about this.

So, starting on Monday 15, I am going to have free time during evenings (with an exception of Wednesday 17) and I am all for a beer or whatever drink or meal in Prague.

If you would like to meet, please let me know when it suits you. I have set up a Doodle for it.

And as I plan to visit my another home in Hradec Králové, I have set up another Doodle for those who would like to meet there.

Naturally you can drop me an e-mail or a SMS, call me or whatever means of communication you prefer. I will answer everything.

That is all for now but you can await some new posts (some of which that I’ve been writing for some time now).

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