Run Forrest, run!

I guess it can be said like this. Not that I am running the long distances as Forrest did, nor as fast, but I run neverthelles.

It has been a year a couple of weeks ago since I started running, after many years not understanding why so many people like it. Why is it so popular. I never understood. Yet I decided to give it a chance, mainly because I started to feel the need to move, to do something, as the sitting in chair that I was doing at job has started to take its toll.

Well, with one huge impulse I got into it. The first weeks and months were quite diffucult. Mainly becuase I could not run for longer perioed of time, I was getting better only slowly (and I started to run in middle of November). It took me over six months to get over 5 km.

Before I moved to Frankfurt I wasn’t running for a week or two and everything I reached in previous months seemed to disappear. When I run for the first time here, I haven’t been able to cover more than 2 km. Terrible.

However it got better. I do not know why, but about a month ago I reached the 5 km again and than I decided to cover longer distances. Each run I run a bit farther.  I made a bet with myself I will get to 10k before Christmas. I was adding about 200-250 metres every time, yet it seemed not to be enough. So I started adding a bit more, about 500 metres until I run almost 8,5 km on Friday.

Today I tried to conquer myself and add 1 km. I did more than that – I added almost 2 km to the Friday’s distance and thus I am at 10k at the moment. And under 1 hour. It may be the chemicals speaking, but I feel great. A bit of pain in legs, but knees do not protest so far.

So it may yet come that I will run a halfmarathon the following summer which is something a friend of mine is trying to provoke me into. Seems like she is going to succeed.

Who would have believed it that me, who has almost always opposed running (and prefered cycling), will be thing about running a halfmarathon :-). Life surely leads to funny places.

TheFlyingman over.

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